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  • Witch's Tail Book 1
  • Howl Play Book 2
  • Impawsible Mischief Book 4
  • Pawtrayal, Book 5 The Spellwood Witches

Paranormal Cozy Myteries

Welcome to Witchland Where The Spellwood Witches Rule

In the paranormal small town of Witchland, NH where the witches rule and the faeries are real. The stories in these books are about a few of my true life adventures with the paranormal and actual life.

Also, I include my dog Addie as Sarah’s (the protagonist) familiar. Addie is my heart dog and her story is remarkable. Overall, it’s about Sarah’s growth with some challenging life lessons—hmmmmm, sounds about right.

Spellwood Witches Melanie Snow

A Bit About Melanie Snow

Melanie Snow is the pen name for Wendy Van de Poll, a bestselling author, pet loss grief coach, and animal medium. She is the author of The Spellwood Witches, a paranormal cozy mystery series.

Her books weave together positive magic, snarky forest faeries, and insightful animals with fun and eclectic humor. True life adventures and intuition are woven into her stories laced with unbridled imagination.

She has been followed by wild wolves in minus sixty degrees, hissed at by a mama bobcat, and played ball with a wild owl—among other animal encounters. Find out more about her work here.

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