About Wendy Van de Poll

International Best-Seller

Animal Medium and Communicator

Enneagram of Essence Practitioner and Educator


  • Are you here because you are interested in the books I have written under Wendy Van de Poll or Melanie Snow?
  • Or would you like to set up an animal medium or animal communication appointment?
  • Or maybe as a writer yourself you are struggling for clarity for fresh ideas and inspiration.
  • Or are you passionate about the Enneagram and would like to know how you can incorporate it into your life and writing?

What I Offer!

  • Animal Communication and Animal Mediumship Appointments based on wisdom messages from your animal.

  • Provide Enneagram of Essence Coaching to help you with life and writing.

  • I offer one-on-one coaching that focuses on you, helps you become clear, concise, and focus with your writing journey.

  • I offer authors from around the world get books written, and in the hands of adoring fans by trusting their intuition.

I would love to help you!

A Bit About Wendy Van de Poll!

Wendy Van de Poll is a twelve time and counting bestselling author, pet industry influencer, and animal advocate. She writes in both fiction (a.k.a. Melanie Snow) and nonfiction. She is passionate about the Enneagram of Essence approach and is a certified practitioner and educator.

She is a pioneer and influencer in the fields of pet loss grief, animal communication, and the human-animal bond.

She is the the founder of CenterForPetLossGrief.com a premier website for those who are experiencing pet loss.

With a Master of Science in wolf ecology, Wendy has run with wolves in Minnesota, been hissed at by a bobcat, and followed by a barred owl for over a mile with her dog Addie. She lives in New England with her husband, a ton of wildlife, and her doggo Ms. Addie Pants. Check out Ms. Addie Pants’ children picture book series.

She has appeared on many podcast, summits, and local television.

If you would like to have Wendy on your next podcast, summit, or conference please contact her to get a copy of her media kit.

I LOVE animals! Please click on the image to learn more…