I have a rescue named Addie Pants the Dog and she came into my life like most rescue dogs come into our lives.

Addie Pants the Dog For A Reason!

As a doggo peep, you may know those exact reasons already. But you may not.

Believe me, after sharing life with Ms. Addie Pants or Addie Pants the Dog the reasons for our companionship have not fully been revealed either.

Yet, some have in full force!

I can list my reasons–you and I would then find immediate and camaraderie that happens among us rescue dog folks. Someday I will.

First, Addie Pants the Dog wants to tell you her story about her adventures and why she came into my life to save my heart from pet loss after Marley died.

Addie’s Story

Hi, I’m Addie, Ms. Addie Pants or Addie Pants the Dog (my Instagram handle), as my mom likes to call me.

Right now I am 3.5 years old. I came to live with Wendy and Rick when I was 8 weeks old.

They call me a Golden Soft Coated Siberian Collie because I am part Golden Retriever, Siberian Husky, and Border Collie. Plus my coat is super soft.

I am told there is not another dog that looks like me.

I have to say I love my life now. Who knew I would land in doggo paradise? Yummy food, all the water I want, hiking every day, and the star in Wendy and Rick’s life.

I sure didn’t think anything good would happen to me when I was dumped on the side of the road.

Here Is My Story By Addie Pants The Dog

When I was born on a farm in Texas they didn’t want me.

In fact, I didn’t even get past the age of 4 weeks before I was put in a box and dumped on a major highway with 7 other puppies.

There was no food, no water, and it was really hot—it was scary…beyond scary

Monsters Everywhere!

When the monsters started coming they made terrifying sounds that made my ears hurt. Their bright lights pierced my eyes and made it difficult to see my brothers and sisters.

The monsters didn’t like puppies much because not one of them stopped to help us.

They growled by us fast and furious. Their grumbling made the ground tremble that would knock me over! I honestly didn’t know how long I could go on like this.

This is not a good way for a puppy to begin their life!

What Did I To Do?

I cried! A LOT!

What Happened Next?

 Suddenly one of those scary things stopped. A woman stepped from her car and carefully approached us.

My tummy was growling and my heart was so sad. But I heard her say to one of my brothers as she picked him up, “I found you just in time to take you to safety and a new home.”

I think my heart did a flutter. My mind started to race. Would I meet other nice people, would there be food, and would I get a name?

There was something inside me that knew my life was about to change.

In Weeks To Come

 One day I was taken to a very big field and I saw something I’d never seen before. It was big and scary. But next to it were a bunch of other puppies just like me.

VROOOOOOM….the airplane rattled and shook the ground while I trembled. I couldn’t imagine where this big machine would take me.

Could This BE MY SPECIAL Person

 I was in this big noisy thing for a long time but instead of giving you the details I think this is the perfect time to share a video of my rescue adventure.

When the video gets to 1:49-2:14…THAT IS MY SPECIAL PERSON and we are doing our first and very special heart melt.

Oh boy was I ever happy.

Then Lots of Things Happened

 There are so many things to share with you and I promise I will. I have more to my story and my person Wendy wrote four children’s picture books called The Adventures of Ms. Addie Pants. You can see all the books she wrote by going to her author page.

 The first one The Rescue shares more of my story. Come join me on the adventure of my rescue and find out why I couldn’t come home just yet.



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