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Adolari Deception Genocide Book

Adolari Deception Genocide is a new book out by J.K. Summerlin. This book is for peeps that enjoy sci-fi/genetics

Welcome to the #Author2Author Series. I love to support other authors with their self-publishing journey. Many of the authors in #Author2Author have reached best-seller status on Amazon and have won awards.

I am very excited to share these authors with you. Keep in mind I have not read all the books so it is up to you to decide if they are for you.

These articles are all inclusive. You will find cozy mysteries, paranormal romance, science fiction, children’s picture books, and more!

Let’s meet and dive into J.K. Summerlin’s story.

The author of the book Adolari Deception Genocide Book

Wendy: What is Adolari: Deception Genocide about?

 J.K. Summerlin: Adolari are genetically engineered humans, a perfect slave-class with no intention to rebel, but bred for loyalty and intellect. They are trained to be medical professionals to fill the growing demand for skilled healthcare jobs going understaffed; however, established corporate powers don’t want this competition, and pull their strings with mass media to demonize the Adolari as potential terrorists. A truth-seeking pharmacists learns how much he’s been lied to about these deliberately misnamed “bio-machines”, but that they might not be entirely innocent either.

Wendy: Tell us a little about your background (your journey: where you grew up, your family of origin, your current family, your education and work experience.

J.K. Summerlin: I’m an American, regrettably atomized by modernity like many others. I never developed a connection to a place, a people, or a culture. I wasn’t allowed to.

I developed an idealized view of foreign cultures, and aspired to travel abroad to work as an English teacher in Japan. That experience only solidified my reality of realizing the importance of community belonging. I hope to reach out to other Wanderers with my works, to connect with the lost humanity we were deprived of.

My way of speaking may seem archaic or pretentious, but this is an honest expression of how I am. I ask for your trust, that my words herein are spoken with sincerity and not with pretention.

Wendy: When did you start to thinking about becoming an author? Was there an event or “awesome” moment that precipitated your desire for a change or had this been brewing for a while?

J.K. Summerlin: At 25, I seriously considered writing full time after returning to live with my parents after a job contract ended. I had no community support, and my efforts at re-training for technical work encountered tedious complications. It was not my first experience writing, but that’s when I took it as a viable career route.

Wendy: How hard was it to make the decision to write your book/s? How did you get started?

J.K. Summerlin: I started writing out of necessity for maintaining my mental health. With hyper-sensitivity abound in modern society, I could not communicate openly with any peer groups. The only viable outlet for expression under such circumstances of social censorship was incriminating myself with a growing collection of wrong-think put into print format.

I’ve sacrificed any prospect at romance or financial stability in taking the risk to become an author. But I seriously doubt that pursuing a technical career doing something I hate would absolve me of the overbearing sense of anguish that pursues me.

Wendy: How supportive were your family and friends?

J.K. Summerlin: I wouldn’t be able to write if my family didn’t house me and allow me to pursue this dream, so I owe them a great deal of thanks. I will not burden them much longer, one way or another.

As friends and peers, I have an extremely intelligent co-worker who has either enlightened me to many crucial lessons of history, or else drowned me in the despair of pursuing Truth to the point of sheer alienation from the average person.

Wendy What challenges did you or are you encountering?

J.K. Summerlin: The hardest thing I deal with is the absence of anyone with whom I can openly speak my mind. My one friend is a distant connection, and I am not unique in my circumstance of regular physical isolation.

I also struggle to live up to the Stoic ideals, which I aspire to. One crucial axiom of which can be paraphrased as, “Do not complain when, instead, you can act.”

Wendy: What did you learn about yourself through this process?

J.K. Summerlin: I’ve been writing for expressive purposes since I was in high-school, so writing things is part of my thinking and problem-solving process. After hundreds of hours of reflection, I’ve concluded that the most effective way I can offer meaningfulness in my life is through reaching others through written word. Telos ex nihilo, if you would excuse my reference to Latin.

The way I see it, if I cannot construct meaningful feelings in my art, then I do not deserve to feel meaningful in my existence, fatalistic as that ultimatum may seem.

Wendy: Looking back, is there anything you’d have done differently?

J.K. Summerlin: If I could change the past, I would have never gone to college, nor would I have traveled abroad, or tried to study technical skills to force this square peg into a round hole. You know, all the things you’re encouraged to do by out-of-touch idiots.

If I could change anything of my past, I would give my younger self a community of close friends who truly cared, and many lifelong friends.

Wendy: What advice do you have for new authors? / What advice do you have for seasoned authors?

J.K. Summerlin: I will admit I have no place giving advice for new authors or seasoned authors. I lack the credentials to give advice, and anyone else who is absent significant success or considerable insight is just blowing smoke. Unsolicited advice should be quieted to avoid drowning out the voices of the genuinely insightful.

I do not presume myself among their number.

Wendy: What’s next for you? Do you think you have another book in your future?

J.K. Summerlin: I have thirteen more outlines, which I must turn into novels. My entire collection of writing, from journals and standalone scenes to commentaries and short stories, accounts for nearly 2 million words from about 10 years of writing. A decade of constrained thoughts which I could never speak aloud.

I see it as my duty to reflect upon this collection, and hammer these vague reflections into purposeful insights. I hope will inspire and connect with something meaningful in others.

Wendy: How can people contact you?

Contact on facebook :



Adolari: Deception Genocide
Adolari Deception Genocide Book
Author to Author #AuthortoAuthor

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