Animal Communication with Wendy Van de Poll

Want to hear your companion’s perspective for a better life for both of you?

Want to find out how to holistically support your pet’s health?

Want to further strengthen the forever bond you have with your beloved pet?

How it Works

In an Animal Communication session, I use my intuitive abilities and the Enneagram to discern the foundations of your animal’s physical and emotional needs. Using my unique skills and vast experience in this area, I tune in and find the answers to your cherished animal’s particular issues, from behavior to medical to emotional and even more.

Through this communication experience,

  • You will learn their perspective and needs, which in turn provides you with greater clarity and focus on how to meet those needs.
  • When you can better understand your animal and meet their needs, both you and your animal experience more peace and harmony.
  • You both will connect even more deeply and further strengthen your forever bond.

No matter what stage of life your beloved pet is experiencing, an Animal Communication session benefits the both of you, strengthening your levels love and trust.

Benefits of Animal Communication

  • Your animal may share with you their particular health and nutritional needs.
  • Your understanding of your animal’s wants, needs, and perspectives may increase.
  • Both your and your animal’s levels of love and trust may increase.
  • You may find joy from having received personalized messages from your animal friend!
  • You may find great satisfaction in knowing how connected and appreciative your animal is of your relationship.
  • You may be reminded of special memories that only you and your animal have experienced together!
  • Your forever bond with your beloved animal companion may be strengthened even more.
  • Both your and your animal’s stress and fear may decrease now that you have clearly communicated.

Schedule Your Animal Communication Appointment

Here is how it works:

  1. Choose one of the four options from the pulldown.
  2. The one-on-one session is a live 45-min session on the phone with me.
  3. The 1,2,3, question options are done via email and are recorded. This is not a live call with me.
  4. Please note: The 1,2,3 question options are for one animal per question option. If you want multiple animals you must purchase a session for each animal.

Once payment is received I will send you an email within 48 business hours with instructions. All sessions are non-refundable so please be sure of your purchase.

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About Wendy Van de Poll

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Wendy Van de Poll, MS, CEOL has been an Animal Communication since she was five years old. She has translated messages from pets to their people from all over the world. Her work is down to earth, concise, and respectful. She always works on the animal’s terms and is dedicated to increasing the human-animal bond. Wendy can communicate with the pets that share your home, wild animals, and the animals in your dreams. Please contact her with any questions. You can also take a look at her bestselling books. If you need help with Pet Loss Grief please visit her here