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Animal Communication

Are You?…

Concerned with your pet’s wellbeing?

Wanting to help your pet feel less anxiety?

Want to help your pet live a healthier life?

Rest assure…I will work with you and your pet with my Animal Communication Sessions to help you find the answers to your questions.

If your pet is young and healthy, having current health issues or experiencing pet hospice… Here is what an Animal Communication appointment can reveal for you and your pet…

  • Nutritional needs to create a healthier pet.

  • Health concern solutions to create a stronger and more balanced pet!

  • Information about your pet that you may not aware of that is really important for you to know!

  • How best to transition your pet from hospice to crossing over and what is their message to you – so that you may participate in this process more fully!

  • A ton of compassion, love, respect and soul from Me – just because that is who I am!

animal communication

At this point you may be asking what is an Animal Communication Session?

An animal communication session is a telepathic conversation where I use my intuitive abilities to find the foundation of a physical or emotional concern. It is healing in the spiritual realm and we all have the abilities to assist our pet’s health in this way.

So many people that opt for this service find peace of mind on how to take the next step to help their pet feel more comfortable wherever they are in their cycle of life.

An Animal communication Session is not a replacement for medical veterinarian care for you pet. It is not a diagnosis of what your pet is experiencing. It is important that your pet receives proper care from you regular or holistic veterinarian for diagnosis and long term care.

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