Animal Wisdom

** From Bestselling Author Wendy Van de Poll**

Animal Wisdom

Conversations From the Heart Between Animals and their People

Are you looking for an Animal Communication book where animals are sharing their deepest hopes, desires, and dreams with their people?

This book is for you!

Are you an animal lover who shares the belief your animal is in your life for a special reason? Do you wonder what this reason may be? In this book, you will experience 30 Animal Wisdom Messages from pets to their people. Each one is unique, compassionate, and honest. 
If you are a person who wants support, guidance, and inspiration on how your animal can help you heal your blocks and discover your life purpose, the 30 Animal Wisdom Messages in this book will inspire you to consider the human-animal bond in a different way. You will experience respect, seriousness, fairness, humor, compassion, and even moments of silliness with the insights these beloved pets deliver to their people.
When you read these Animal Wisdom Messages, you, the reader, will gain compassion and support with your own journey, and you will begin to listen to your beloved companion in a new way.

Wendy’s depth of understanding and caring for her clients is felt throughout the book through the narratives she uses as examples. She honors their losses and allows them time to gain self understanding to help process the mourning. This is a unique subject matter for a very real and widely experienced life situation.

Virginia (Amazon Customer)

I found the Spiritual Self section a very relevant and welcomed guide which is often ignored by other writers of grief or pain. Spiritual practice will be very soothing in this situation I am sure. I am so attached to my dog – I’m pleased to know I have such a self help guide to turn to again when the time comes.

Deborah (Amazon Customer)

This book spoke to my heart. When I was a child, I lost my best friend, a Min Pin, and never got over the loss and never got and kept another pet. It was just too traumatic to lose her. So Mrs. Van de Poll’s book with gentle, caring understanding and support let me release some of that grief and heal.

Lisa (Amazon Customer)

Wendy Van de Poll is an expert and pioneering leader in the fields of pet loss grief support and animal communication. She is an International Bestselling Author and the founder of Center for Pet Loss Grief. She provides wisdom, joy, and compassion for all people and animals in her practice.

Wendy is a tested Animal Communicator/Medium, Certified End-of-Life and Grief Coach, and Pet Funeral Celebrant. With a Masters of Science in wolf ecology, Wendy has run with wolves in Minnesota, coyotes in Massachusetts, and foxes in her backyard.