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Are you inspired to go to the next step and become a successful author? Are you excited to be so close to self-publishing your book?

With your manuscript self-edited and ready for the editor, you can finally let out a long sigh of relief and take a break. All your hard work deserves a celebration. You definitely need to pat yourself on the back. But, as you know, this is not the end—yet.

Tips to Become a Successful Author

In this article, I am going to guide you with ways to transform your book from a professionally edited manuscript to an actual self-published book for pet lovers and/or professionals. Whether you are writing an ebook or a print book, you still need to take steps to get it edited, proofread, formatted, and published.

If you do not know the first thing about self-publishing, do not worry. I did not know anything when I wrote my first book. But now I am a self-published author with over twelve best-selling books (and counting) in multiple genres. Plus, I help other writers reach their dreams of becoming a published author.

In my book Pet Authorpreneur 101: How to Become a Successful Pet Author and Grow Your Business will teach you how to find your editor, formatter, and cover designer. You will learn how to launch and market your book to pet lovers and pet professionals. From designing your cover to marketing—I will cover it.

Read on to learn how to get your book for pet lovers and/or pet professionals self-published.

It is now time to take your manuscript to the next level—publication!

  1. Find Your Editors – Everyone needs an editor. You can ask other writers for references or research online. Hire someone who is professionally trained and knows your genre. Be sure you have a contract with your editor that outlines pricing, deadlines, communication frequency, et.
  2. Design Your Book – Research formatters and cover designers by asking your editors, fellow authors, and using the Internet for referrals. Be clear about your needs, expectations, and deliverables at the beginning of the the hiring process.
  3. Create a Website and Landing Page – Create a website yourself or hire someone to do it for you. Include an engaging biography and photos with you and your animals. Create a landing page dedicated to your book. Create an Amazon Author Central page and fill it out completely.
  4. Build a Launch Team – Get some early reviewers by offering free copies of your book. Get influential endorsements. Take advantage of a social media influencer’s following.
  5. KDP Platform – After you create your cover, format your manuscript and finalize the design of your book create a KDP account on Amazon and upload your ebook and print version.

In order to become a successful author there are many steps to take. This article is to get your inspired and on your way to learning more about the process. Get ready for your journey and don’t forget to set your goals and plan for success. then write every day to get your book done.



Pet Authorpreneur 101

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