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Are you looking for a way to use life events as beginnings as writing prompts and for your life in general? I find when I use the prompts below my writing flows and my creativity shines . . . plus my life as a human gets better!

Your beginnings—whether be it the start of a new project or a life event can easily be an inspiration and a writing prompt.

Are You Ready to Shine?


But before we get into how to use beginnings for writing prompts with your writing practice, I hope you had time to explore the article, Contributions as Writing Prompts. 

When realizing your contributions to the world as a person, writer, influencer, etc your inner place of realization and recognition will blossom.

Beginnings as Writing Prompts

This article will explore how beautiful and enlightening your beginnings can help you move ahead with your writing or with life. Remember, these articles I am sharing with you each month will help you personally as well.

As we try new things, it may seem scary to do this. Starting something new may trigger your feelings that you are not good enough and you won’t succeed. I am here to share with you . . . your experience means something to you!

Please Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself

As people and writers, we are judgemental towards ourselves. As you may already know, this act can shut you down—rendering you to the place of being stuck in your process.

Always remember that any change has an element of the unknown and not knowing what will happen can be overwhelming and discouraging.

Keep in Mind

Yes, we all want to be excellent at the new thing we are trying. But does that really happen to you in actual life? The first time you may have written a blog article, learned to play a musical instrument, or tried a new dance step, you probably weren’t very good yet.

But . . . with practice, your talent grew. There is not one person I know who didn’t have to go through many beginnings.


When you experience a new activity, you will find a new passion (sports, hobbies, experiences, etc.). And each time you try something new (a food, a book, a new type of movie, etc.), you are expanding yourself and your view on the world.

Every new beginning you’ve experienced has led you to the person you are today, and these Beginnings as Writing Prompts and life prompts will be perfect to reflect upon when you are feeling stuck.

Let’s Start with These Writing Prompts

You can use them exactly as I have presented them to you and write your answers down. Or just use these writing prompts to inspire you to try new things in life.

 Prompts to Guide Your Writing:

  • Have you ever made a fresh start in your life? How did your life change?
  • Tell the story of a time that you tried something new.
  • Do you feel like trying new things is harder for you than most people? If so, why do you think that is?
  • Think about how your favorite relationship started. What was the moment it began like?
  • What made you get started with a favorite hobby or activity?
  • Can you think of a time when something bad (such as a breakup, tragedy, or job loss) ended up being the catalyst for a beautiful new beginning? Write about it.
  • Have you ever read a book, watched a movie, or had a conversation that sparked something in you that changed your life forever? Tell the story.

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