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Dancing with a Wasp!


Dancing with a Wasp!

5-Lessons That I Did Not Expect to Take Back My Feminine Power!

I don’t know about you but whenever a wasp comes into my space there is a moment of shear terror. My heart palpates, I start to breathe fast and I get this desire to scream and run away.

Now don’t get me wrong I love all wildlife but there is something very primal that happens to me when a wasp buzzes into my life! I loose all sense of who I am as a woman and find myself entering a life of panic!

Does this sound familiar to you?

I grew up with a father and mother that hated insects of any sort. I have memories of my father running around the house every spring with a spray can full of toxic chemicals. Cursing under his breath about the wasps that set up housekeeping under his shutters.

However, let it be known that with my training in advanced pest control methods by a ranting parent I knew differently even then. My heart felt that by killing them off was not a great thing to do for the environment or for growing respectful spiritual energy with nature.

Yet…with this great Spiritual wisdom that I innately had as a child I still carried with me a deep and primal instinct of fear, anxiety and a desire to flee whenever I hear, see or feel a wasp in my presence….basically a loss of personal power.

Still sounding familiar to you? Well there is good news and I would love to share a personal story with you!

Through my passion of dance my relationship with wasps changed. I was able to see how my feminine power could actually blend in with the lessons that a single wasp had to teach me.

Here is how it happened….

I am a competitive International Latin dancer. This passion of mine is primary in my life and I work hard at it!

The other day I was rushing off to practice in my local grammar school gym. It is a wonderful space full of kid art, sports accomplishments and all types of balls whimsically stuck in the rafters of the ceiling.

On my way to practice I was thinking about all the spiritual, emotional and physical work that I put into my dance. I was enjoying my experience of feeling totally engaged with my feminine power.

When I arrived at the school I immediately went into the gym. Set up my music, got my dance shoes on and began to warm up. I was in total bliss. I was calm, centered and ready to live and breathe my passion.

But oh no! I suddenly felt that all familiar breeze pass my cheek and then that unnerving hum in my ear. Fear was mounting because I knew what it was without even seeing it. And then…I saw the bronze colored insect out of the corner of my eye and at that moment I jumped and silently screamed. My primal response was to run but instead I tried to ignore it figuring once I began to dance it would leave me alone. Or I least hoped that would happen.

The story gets better…as I began to practice my cha-cha drills the wasp began to weave in and out of my arms, legs and around my head. It was creating a dance with me…not letting me forget that it was there. Even though it wasn’t trying to “attack” me it was way too close for my comfort range and I wanted it to go away.

Yet, something inside of me said, “STOP! Wendy and listen to what the wasp wants to show you.” When this happened I immediately felt my innate feminine power connect with the wasp. I noticed right away that as soon as I did the wasp became very quiet and still. It stopped flying all over the place and just hovered near my left hand just as it did when it initially introduced herself to me.

Then the strangest thing happened…it started to fly towards the door on the opposite side of the room. It would fly towards it and then come back to me. The wasp did this a few times until I finally got what she wanted to tell me!

As I began to follow the wasp it created its own beautiful dance across the room to the door clear across the gym.  It didn’t zigzag, dart or fly with vengeance instead it sailed creating soft and beautiful shapes across the room. I was intrigued.

When we reached the door it stopped….I opened it…it flew out! But wait the story gets better…before the wasp flew away it stopped and turned around. It hovered at my eye level and there was a moment of connection of knowingness and a strong sense of mutual respect.

When I closed the door I took a deep breath and then something special happened. The feminine insight that all my fears, insecurities and perfectionism were no longer needed in my dance, life and profession. My wasp friend came at a very pivotal time in my personal life as well as my dance and professional life.

The result of my Dancing with a Wasp was a direct experience you all can have with the Animal Kingdom. They are here to share with you and show you that life can be different.

I would like to share with you the 5 things that my wasp friend taught me about upgrading my feminine power without fear, perfectionism and self-doubt.

  1. Being a hard worker is just enough
  2. Perfection is not obtainable
  3. Dance and move throughout life without fear
  4. Be resourceful when it comes to revealing how to construct and nurture dreams with your feminine power
  5. Be confident in the way you do your life

Remember, even though the wasp isn’t the most popular of insects it is a highly regarded symbol in many cultures. It is honored in its role to continue the life of many plants and flowers through pollination.

The Dance of the Wasp is about evolution, involvement, development and productivity. It is about upgrading one’s feminine principle in life.

Choosing to dance rather than run can often shown us new and exciting ways to live our life in truth to our feminine power.

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