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Books by Rosie Reed ~

Books by Rosie Reed are the best. I love cozy mysteries and loved each of these books. I couldn’t put them down.

This book is for peeps that enjoy paranormal cozy mysteries set in a small English village.

Welcome to the #Author2Author Series. I love to support other authors with their self-publishing journey. Many of the authors in #Author2Author have reached best-seller status on Amazon and have won awards.

I am very excited to share these authors with you. Keep in mind I have not read all the books so it is up to you to decide if they are for you.

These articles are all inclusive. You will find cozy mysteries, paranormal romance, science fiction, children’s picture books, and more!

Let’s meet and dive into Rosie Reed’s story.

The author of the books in the English Village Witch Cozy series

Books by Rosie Reed
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Wendy: Can you tell us what your books are about?

Rosie: The English Village Witch Cozy series is a paranormal cozy mystery series, starring Evelyn Eldritch – a novice witch who is also training to be a therapist. She first arrives in the quaint village of Maiden-Upon-Avon in Book One, Murder at Magic Cakes Café, where she meets werewolves, witches, vampires – and a dishy detective with to-die-for dimples.

Evelyn is a typical English woman (and totally based on me!). She loves drinking tea, helping friends, and not drawing too much attention to herself – which is hard considering how clumsy she can be! But she’s kind-hearted, has a great sense of fun, and a knack for figuring out people – and murderers!

Wendy: Tell us a little about your background (your journey: where you grew up, your family of origin, your current family, your education and work experience.

Rosie: I’m from the Southeast of England, near London and Windsor, but I’ve lived in Bath – and travelled in India. I love writing, daydreaming, and creating stories. I’m a massive Agatha Christie and Terry Pratchett fan, so writing paranormal mystery comes instinctively!

Wendy: When did you start thinking about becoming an author? Was there an event or “awesome” moment that precipitated your desire for a change or had this been brewing for a while?

Rosie: I’ve daydreamed stories for as long as I can remember. But I’ve been writing for decades and I’ve actually published romance under various pennames. Alas, I suffered creative burnout and took some time out to recover. But I’m okay now and I’m thoroughly enjoying my creativity again. When I started writing paranormal cozies, I felt like I’d found the genre I was born to write!

Wendy: How hard was it to make the decision to write your book/s? How did you get started?

Rosie: Starting the English Village Witch Cozy series was actually my sanity-saving project during the very strange year of 2020, and it’s my pleasure to share this comfort with others. I love the understated charm of cozies, and my imagination really thrives on the magical elements. The romance writer side of me can’t resist adding a bit of love, but of course, the mystery is always the most important aspect. Finding new twists and red herrings is such fun!

Wendy: What challenges did you or are you encountering?

Rosie: I need to make sure I don’t overwork myself and suffer burnout again. My aim is to enjoy writing my books and to share that joy with others. As with everything in life, it’s a balance between doing and being.

Wendy: What did you learn about yourself through this process?

Rosie: I have to enjoy the writing! I’m a very creative person, and that’s my priority. I do have a lot of fun with these books, and if others enjoy them too (which plenty do, which is lovely!) then that’s an extra added bonus. I love connecting with people, and I realise that my books are one way of doing this. So they need to be authentically me.

Wendy: What’s next for you? Do you think you have another book in your future?

Rosie: I’m currently writing Book Eight in the English Village Witch Cozy series, which is called Summertime Clues. And also I’m working on a fun spinoff series, featuring Evelyn’s man-mad granny, Joanie. The spinoff series is called A Witch in Time Solves Nine, and it’s a nine-novella time travel paranormal cozy series.

Wendy: How can people contact you?

Rosie: You can join my mailing list by clicking here  where you can download a free fun novella, Merrie May Mayhem. Or email me by clicking here.

You can find Book One Murder at Magic Cakes Café on Amazon.

Books by Rosie Reed
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Author to Author #AuthortoAuthor
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