Clarity Session for Authors

~ Do you have a gazillion story ideas but don’t know where to begin?

~ Would you like to know how to self-publish your awesome book?

~ Have you stopped writing because you are suffering from “writer’s chaos?”

No Worries…I can help you!

During a Clarity Session for Authors…my super powers come to life!


~ In 30-minutes I will have you humming your way to

success, productivity, and clarity OR give you a direction for self-publishing!

What happens during your Clarity Call for Authors

  1. I will use my laser focus ability and the power of the enneagram to give you my undivided attention and listen to every word that comes out of your lovely heart and soul!

  2. My super powers will come to life . . . then jump up and down when I help you get super clear on what the heck you are writing about!

  3. I am a creative person full of super cool ideas for my clients . . . when one pops in my head I will share it with you! I will probably interrupt you because I don’t want this opportunity to pass.

  4. And if you want to figure out how to demystify the self-publishing world . . . I can help.

Are You Ready To Book Your Clarity Session for Authors?