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Have you ever wondered how you can use your Contributions as Writing Prompts? Actually, it is pretty cool. I have been using my contributions as a writing prompt all month to help me write my sixth novel.


But before we get into the nitty-gritty of embracing your contributions, I hope you had time to read and play with the writing prompts in my article from last month on Writing Prompts with Gratitude. The goal was to help you, as a writer and person, to find a place in your heart and soul to appreciate your journey.

When you read and practice the prompts in this month’s article, you may be pleasantly surprised at confidence you will nurture as a writer and as a person—whether seasoned or new. When realizing your contributions to the world as a person, writer, influencer, etc your inner place of realization and recognition will blossom.


Right now, in our world, there is a lot going on. Every day we hear disheartening news on television, radio, social media, and blogging sites.

This can make you feel as a writer incredibly overwhelmed and disheartened (we are sensitive peeps which is a beautiful thing.) You want to make a difference with your writing; you want to help people feel better, and if you have read any of my books, you probably know I want to help make the world a better place along with you.

Contributions as a Writing Prompt

Think of it this way, especially when getting down to exploring your Contributions as Writing Prompts. . .

Try not to start with the BIG picture. Try not to solve, fix, change the entire problem. Instead, look for the small things in life that are effective for you to initiate change. And it is easy to tackle the small things in life rather that the larger picture.

You know why?

You probably have already contributed throughout your entire life to the greater good and maybe have forgotten how fabulous you are.

Do Any of These Things Sound Familiar?

  1. If you ever had a job, you probably contributed to our society?
  2. Do you inspire people?
  3. Do you nurture your kids, spouse, friends, and family?
  4. Do you show appreciation to your online followers and friend?
  5. Have you ever rescued an animal in need?
  6. And the list goes on!

Let’s Start with These Writing Prompts

You can use them exactly as I have presented them to you and write your answers down. Or just use these writing prompts to discover your contributions, as you wish for inspiration. It’s your choice . . . {heart}.

Prompts to Guide Your Writing:

  • How do you feel when you post a positive image, quote, or meme on social media? How does this make you feel in your heart and soul? What do the support comments mean to you? How are they special?
  • If you have a job other than writing, how does it feel when you contribute to the world through your job? Or contribute to the well-being of your co-workers?
  • Do you support any causes? Have you donated money, time, or resources to that cause? What were your deep feelings?
  • How did it feel when you performed a random act of kindness?
  • How pleasant things do you do for your family and/or friends?
  • How would you like to live your life with the idea that you’re setting an example for others as you do so? Would you do anything differently?
  • Is there a meaningful giving experience you’d like to plan for in the future? Write about it.
  • Why do you think this thing is missing? (lack of time, finances, energy, etc.). Try to find as many “reasons” as you can.
  • Can you think of one small step you could take toward finding/getting this thing that is missing?

Contributions as a Writing Prompt

I hope you enjoyed these prompts, and you set time aside to allow to feel how terrific you are. How important your words are for inner healing and peace.

Please ask yourself . . . How can I recognize my contributions to help me with my writing and being a happier person? Email me back to let me know how you answered this question.

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