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I created this page for you to outline how to prepare for your session or class, policies, disclaimers, privacy statement, security, and contact information.


If you have registered for an online workshop or tele-seminar with me, you will receive an email in just a few minutes containing the Dial Up information as well as any handouts or materials you will need for the class.


All appointments are scheduled in the Eastern Time Zone (EST). You will be given a phone number to call in North America. If you live outside North America, you are responsible for calling me at your expense. The other option is to use SKYPE (audio only—not video). Please provide me with your SKYPE ID 72-business hours prior to your session.


I do not record our sessions.


Please come prepared with questions that you have written down and have your list with you. Pick a place prior to your appointment where you will not be disturbed and where you will be comfortable. Also some people like to have something to write with, so they can write down the information they receive from the session.

All information is kept confidential as to create a safe place for you.


If your pet is coming for a hands-on treatment, please be sure they have not eaten 3 hours prior. It is also important that your animal has eliminated and is properly exercised before treatment begins.


The first thing I do is clear and connect to 100% pure light. I then connects to my Spirit Team/Animal Communication Team, your Guides,and the Guides of your animal. The first 5-10 minutes or so, I receive and translate the information that I am receiving. Then I share the information with you. At this point in the session, your “job” is to answer yes or no. Then after I receive clearance, I will open the dialogue, and you will be able to ask your questions. In order to stay connected on a soul level rather than physical energy level, I may have to kindly interrupt so that I can re-establish the connection. All information is kept confidential.


Payment must be received 72 business hours prior to scheduled appointment. PayPal is accepted.


It takes a lot of loving energy to prepare for a session or treatment for you and your pet. If you can’t make your scheduled appointment, please email me 48 business hours in advance to reschedule your session.

  • Cancellations less than 48 business hours will be charged for the full appointment fee.
  • If you cancel and do not reschedule, there is a $35 service fee.
  • For people who don’t show up for their session without giving a 48-business hour notice, your appointment will be cancelled and payment will not be refunded.


  • 7 days prior to class start, a full refund will be given via check or money order.
  • Less than 7 days and once class begins, refunds cannot be honored.
  • If you begin the class and decide that you cannot take the class, you may use your payment towards the next class offered but not at a discounted rate. 


All services provided by me, Rev. Wendy Van de Poll, MS, LMT, LLC, and The Center for Pet Loss Grief, LLC, are not a substitute for psychological, veterinarian, or medical care. The information that is provided during your appointment is to be used by you for education, spiritual, and/or religious purposes only.

Also note, since I am not a medical doctor, psychologist, or veterinarian, I cannot diagnose or prescribe.

Consequently, the information I share is not intended to supersede, or substitute that of a physician, mental healthcare professional, veterinarian, or licensed holistic practitioner. If you have a medical problem, see your physician or other licensed practitioner in your area.


All information that is shared within your appointments is kept confidential in order to create a safe place for you to express your grief, etc.

We DO NOT sell or rent our customer lists or e-mail addresses to other companies. Our e-mail list is maintained by a professional third party company, aWeber, a certified secure company that ensures your privacy. Each time you purchase a product, subscribe to our newsletter, or sign up for any of our free or informational reports or services, your information is added to our main database. Several times each month, we communicate with all individuals on our main database.  We absolutely understand that you are busy and promise to only communicate when we have meaningful and important information to share with you. ALL of our emails have a link at the bottom where you can unsubscribe at anytime.


This site has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information under our control. Our credit card transaction processing is performed through a secure, PCI-compliant company. No credit card information is stored on the server used for our websites.


If you have any questions about your appointment, our privacy statement, our practices, or your dealings with me, Wendy Van de Poll, you can contact me (Wendy):


Wendy Van de Poll
PO Box 1732
Pennacook, NH 03303

wendy [at] wendyvandepoll.com/