Are you wondering why it is important to hire a professional for self-publishing? Are you a budding author and want to produce a quality and successful book?

Whether you are self-publishing your memoir, kid’s picture book, self-help book, or your awesome thriller that has been brewing in your soul for years I would suggest hiring a professional.

For some jobs, it’s best to hire a professional for self-publishing. In the world of self-publishing you can save yourself a lot of time and worry if you hire the right professionals to help you get the job done well. You may be a good writer, but a professional can help you strengthen your weaknesses.

One of the Biggest Mistakes

One of the biggest mistakes is people make is waiting too long to get help. A professional, with industry experience, can help you move your project along.

Follow These Tips to Hire a Professional for Self-Publishing

  1. A Book Coach- helps you to understand your ideas and put them together into a great book. A book coach can help you generate ideas, structure the book, assess the marketplace and help you organize your entire project.

When you hire a book coach, you are investing in your book and getting professional, practical feedback. Of course, getting help earlier in the process allows the book coach to guide you through the process and avoid some of the common pitfalls of writing. I help many authors with this process and the experience is awesome.

  1. An Editor- helps you resolve problem areas in your book that you can’t spot on your own. Make sure when you hire an editor that you know what type of editor to hire. Do you want the editor to look at the larger work and make suggestions or fix errors throughout the text such as punctuation and spelling?

The right editor will bring industry experience and perspective to the project. Also, an editor will get your manuscript ready to submit for layout or formatting. Many writers (even me) are overly protective of their work and can’t see the problem areas that an editor can spot. In my experience, the cost to hire an editor is worth it when you have a great finished product.

  1. A Cover Designer- helps you to design a cover. A cover designer can create several cover designs so that you can change covers if you need to boost sales later.

I find that the cover design is really important if you are selling on Amazon. Take a look at other books in your genre to see what the bestselling books are offering so when you hire a professional for self-publishing you will be seen as a writer that is an expert in her genre.

  1. A Book Formatter- when hiring a professional for self-publishing you will definitely need a formatter. A book formatter can prepare your book to upload to a self-publishing platform. If your book has a high amount of images and graphics, you can hire a formatter to layout the book.

This is labor intensive but if you want a specific look for your book, a cover designer and formatter can put that together. Be sure to only use images you have selected or approved to avoid any legal problems with the images you include in your book.

Advantages for Hiring a Professional

One of the biggest advantages for hiring a professional for self-publishing is the opportunity to learn from the experience. When you pay for the service, they offer you distance and objectivity. In return, you get meaningful and trustworthy feedback. You will learn how to be a better writer.

Once you hire a professional for self-publishing or two with whom you work well, you can develop an invaluable professional relationship. Make sure to get agreements in writing and ask for copies of all your files so that if you need to get anything redone later, you have them. When you hire the right people, you invest in a better future.


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Wendy Van de Poll is a twelve-time best-selling author on Amazon. She works with authors on all aspects of self-publishing. The genre’s she writes in are pet loss, children’s picture books, human-animal bond, and cozy mysteries. You can reach her to talk about your new project. You can also visit me at Center for Pet Loss Grief