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“I have no idea what to write about!”

“I have this great idea, but I don’t know how to write it!”

“I don’t know how to market my book!”

Then You Need to Find a Writing Coach…pronto

These are all very common concerns that you may have as a writer. That is why you need to find a writing coach. A writing coach helps you through all of these concerns, while bolstering your writing career and making your talent even greater!

You will form a very special relationship with your writing coach. But you must find someone who is a good match for you. A coach who is dedicated to your success and who possesses the knowledge necessary for your success is the one you should hire.

If you want to find a writing coach, then read on. I will show you how to find a writing coach who matches your needs and helps you accomplish your goals.

I Know How to Write, So Why Do I Need to Find a Writing Coach?

 If you are a writer, you must take ego and pride out of the equation. Your writing may be good; it may even be great. But it can always be better. Even if you are the best writer in the world, a fresh pair of eyes can help you accelerate your career.

I have been a writing coach for 9 years and I have helped many people take their books to the next level. In that time, I have also used writing coaches. My time in this industry has exposed me to a bit of everything. In order to find a writing coach, my advice is to find someone who matches your expectations.

Some writing coaches have rigid guidelines that you must follow, while others are more like mothers offering sage advice with little practicality. Some drive you through motivational psychology while others give you more space to do things on your own. Figure out what you need.

Coaches have different specialties. Finding one who matches your specific niche is probably ideal.

Also, figure out what your purpose is. Are you seeking someone who can get you published? Someone who can show you the ins and outs of self-publishing marketing? Are you just looking for someone to read your novel and offer feedback on how to make it better?

You may also need to evaluate what you expect as far as communication goes. Are you a face-to-face person, or a phone person? Do you prefer emailing back and forth? Find someone who does what you want!

How to Find a Writing Coach

Look up writing coaches online. You should find a number of coaches with websites that show you their talents and what they have to offer you. Narrow down a few who offer what you’re looking for and then ask them for sample sessions.

Most coaches will agree to a free fifteen-minute session. If they don’t advertise it, ask for a free trial. This lets you feel each other out to see if you’re a match.

Be sure to look at reviews and credentials. Someone with experience and good reviews is obviously more trustworthy. However, you can always give a new coach a chance. Experience starts somewhere for all of us.

Some coaches will meet in person. Others will be open to working long-distance over the phone or Skype or even chat. Arrange your first free session and make sure it works for you before committing to more.

What Kind of Rate to Expect

 The rate your coach charges will depend on the coach’s preferences, geographic differences, and services you require. Good work scarcely comes cheaply, and never for free. You are likely going to pay anywhere from $75 to $150 an hour.

Be sure to evaluate your budget. Then look at rates that writing coaches charge in your area.

Set Up a Contract

 To start working with the writing coach that you have hired, you should set up a contract. It’s always beneficial to have something in writing. Find a standard contract online and tweak it in a word processor to arrive at the terms you want. Your writing coach may also have a contract on hand for you to sign.

Your contract should specify the services you will receive, the rate, how you plan to communicate, and the length of services. You should also have a clause about arbitration if you ever have a disagreement with your writing coach. It seldom happens, but that clause can protect you if it does.


 Your writing coach can elevate your writing career to the next level. From providing invaluable advice to encouraging you, you will find that a writing coach can be a priceless resource. Decide what you want and then find a writing coach who matches your expectations.

Search online and find a writing coach who delivers what you want. You absolutely should not let your writing stall. Have a coach help you out!

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Wendy Van de Poll is a twelve-time best-selling author on Amazon. She is a sought out writing coach that helps writers develop and write their books and blogs. She works with authors on all aspects of self-publishing. The genre’s she writes in are pet loss, children’s picture books, human-animal bond, and cozy mysteries. You can reach her to talk about your new project. You can also visit Wendy at Center for Pet Loss Grief