~ Who is Melanie Snow? ~

She is a paranormal cozy mystery author

Melanie Snow is all about magic, faeries, and of course talking animals. 

While hiking with her doggo Addie she fantasizes about the ancient arts of her ancestors.

Melanie has had true-life paranormal experiences that you can find in her paracozies.

And of course she weaves her staggering adventures and intuition into her stories.

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The Spellwood Witches

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Witch's Tail, Book 1, The Spellwood Witches
Howl Play, Book 2, The Spellwood Witches
Tail of a Feather, The Spellwood Witches, Book 3 by Melanie Snow
Impawsible Mischief, Book 4 in The Spellwood Witches Series, A Paranormal Cozy Mystery
Pawtrayal, Book 5 of The Spellwood Witches
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