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Are you looking for motivational writing tips? As a writer can you imagine a life where your fear is a thing of the past? Would you like to create a writing life using 6 motivational writing tips but not sure where to begin especially as a writer and author?

Not to worry….I know exactly how you feel and will help you by sharing my 6 Motivational Writing Tips when publishing your book.

In the past, I have lived most of my past life creating so much fear that I forgot the limitless possibilities life had for me. Now don’t get me wrong I have always been the adventurous type and did some amazing things where fear did not set up housekeeping. Like following wolf tracts in the wild with temperature at 60 below zero degrees! And as of this date writing and publishing twelve bestselling books!

Yet, no matter what I did and tried to accomplish there was still that inner annoying hum of crazy and powerful thoughts in my brain. Which lead to off the chart FEAR and anxiety. And guess what? This slowed down the engine of my life to live with unending happiness and love.

The thing is…

I got so totally caught up in my gooey mire of fearful thoughts…I created a totally different reality for myself. That fear that was created was so fiercely intense and had no boundaries. In fact, I was paralyzed from experiencing my own happiness. I felt hopeless and defeated.

The good news is that I had another chance to re-design my life and when it was presented to me I went with it! It was great to finally recognize that fear is toxic. So with courage and boldness, I pushed through the mire. Then I learned some great ways to overcome defeat and now I am ready to share them with you.

But first does this sound familiar to you?

And are you ready to get on with your life, write your book with a passionate pursuit of your dreams using the 6-ways towards fearless living that I used?

Reaching for your potential and living your life to its fullest is all about redirecting your fearful thoughts into actions that will create change. Fear is all about living in the future and keeps you from living in the present moment. When you live your life in the future you can’t be sure of the outcome so fear is created and you start to feel like you are losing control.

Another thing with fear…

Fear exists when your imagination has been captured by the images that you do not want to feel. They are images of the future and the unknown.

Are you ready now to stop fear from controlling the beautiful person that you are? Know this! You can live a fearless life and succeed in life by merely controlling what images you allow into your head.

Here are 6 Motivational Writing Tips 

These worked for me and I hope they do for you! With happiness and a ton of love I would like to share with you!

1. Become Aware

Sometimes your fears have become so familiar you don’t even know they are there. They have become apart of you and a habit. What are you afraid of? Start to take notice. Write down all your fearful thoughts from the day. Write down things that make you anxious. In order to change and live life fearlessly, you must become aware of it. Stay in the present and be aware when you drift into the past or future.

2. Look Underneath The Foundation

Fear is based on irrational beliefs, negative self-talking handed down from others or that we have given to ourselves. Fear is a negative self-image that doesn’t allow us to have courage or boldness. Getting underneath your foundation and looking at the root of your fears will stir your curiosity to begin to relate to your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs in a positive and healthy way.

3. Change Your Thinking To Stop Sinking

Mind clutter is the number one culprit for creating fear. It swirls in your head and has a talent for bringing fears to life. Your inner critic can convince you of impossibilities for success and imminent failure. It has a talent for programing your brain that convinces you “why you can’t.” By spending time in your day to keep track of the times you think or say, “I can’t” will help retrain your brain. By changing your focus to “I can!” the subconscious mind goes searching for positive solutions instead of supporting a journey of fear.

4. Become Aware Of Success

Always see yourself as succeeding no matter how challenging your circumstances are. Expect to win in your life! Expect happiness! Expect Love! Expect dreams to come true! Visualize yourself and your life when you are no longer trapped by fear. Write it down in great detail and take time to meditate on being fearless. Live your fearless life in your mind! Be passionately involved in your dream. Expect to Publish YOUR BOOK!

5. Planning With A Purpose

When you look at your fear and understand what it is and how you create it. The time is now to break it down into smaller steps. Create your plan and watch your fear dissolve. By planning and scheduling it on your to-do list your fear will change from negativity to productivity. Remember to create baby-steps for change.

6. DO IT!

You have become aware of your fear, you have changed your “cant’s” to “cans,” you see yourself living fearlessly. It is now time to gather your courage and take the action necessary. Do not judge yourself and your efforts because chances are in the beginning you are going to be taking baby steps before conquering fear completely. Just do what you have to do and watch what happens. Take action to change when needed and keep moving forward.

Through your personal journey, you can go from being totally consumed by your fearful mind clutter and anxiety to a woman who has inner strength and power by simply trusting your intuition, spiritual connection and not making room for gooey fearful thoughts.

To reach your potential and have an exciting and happy life gather your courage and faith in yourself to take action with these Motivational Writing Tips

to get your book done. Give yourself a push by making a plan and just DO it! The more experience you have, the more your fear will dissolve and the more control you will have over your life. By overcoming your fears you can be the best person and finally live your dreams.

To get help with your story idea and do this writing journey fearlessly you can contact Wendy to let her know you are ready!

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