recommendations for web hosts, editing tools, and email providers

The following are products that I use and get a huge recommendation from me.

They are affiliate links which means if you purchase the product, I receive a small commission (which helps me greatly as an author.)

You are not charged more because of the affiliate link.

Recommendations for Editing Tools

prowritingaid editing tool

ProWritingAid is an editing software that I recommend. I love using this software prior to sending my manuscript to my editors. It helps make my manuscript more polished. Your editor will thank you.

Recommendations for Website Host

siteground web host

Siteground is the best website host and honestly it gets the best of my recommendations. I have had websites since 2000 and have utilized many different hosts. Siteground is by far the best. Their customer service is super fast, attentive, and patient with newbies.

Recommendations for Email Providers

ConvertKit email provider

ConvertKit is one of the top email providers. Once you get the hang of it your life will become easier. It comes with high recommendations for its abilities to provide complex email sequences. The price is worth it.

Recommendations for Self Publishing

Self Publishing School

Self Publishing School is where I got my start as a international bestselling author. It is an online education company that teaches people how to write, market, & publish their first book as well as aiding those authors in accomplishing their unique goals tied to their books, whether that’s becoming a full-time author, growing your business, sharing your message with the world, and more.

Recommendations for Genre Popularity

Kylitics for authors

K-lytics provides the most extensive and accurate information on the ebook market. The founder of this company has done extensive research on the best book marketing opportunities. If you want to write to sell consider this tool.

If you have any tools or resources you would like me to add please contact me.

I would be happy to take a look.