Is there a magic formula to self-publishing your book? I am going to be honest with you and say…there is NOT! Yet, many self-published authors are looking for magic…they tell me so during their clarity call. I know I was searching for the magic when I first started self-publishing.

Indie or self-publishing your book takes a lot of hard work but the rewards of being in control of your own creative product are huge. So if you have a book idea in mind, you can publish it and grow your success.

But how do you take your book from an idea to finished product? Several things are essential to the self-publishing process.

Five Things to Consider When Self-Publishing Your Book

  1. Write something good: Your book needs to be something people want to read. It needs to be something people can use. The information in the book needs to be focused and useful as well. If the book is just a copy of someone else’s work, it won’t be something valuable. If you have a unique and creative idea, it’s worth it to pull it together and put it out there.
  2. Write something well: When you write a book, it needs to read well so it keeps people interested. When you are self-publishing your book you are competing against all the other books out there. One way to have a well-written book is to hire an editor. An editor can turn a good book into a great book by addressing weak points and problem areas in the book. It’s worth the investment to have a finished product you can be proud of.
  3. Packaging and Positioning: If you have a good cover design, and a strong title, you’ll attract buyers. A good title will get search traffic to find your book. And it’s essential to get the word out about your book so that people get interested. Email lists and your own website can also help to promote your book by word of mouth when self-publishing your book.
  4. Distribution: To sell well, a book needs to be available through multiple channels. Amazon is not the only place to sell your book. You can sell it from your website as well as local and online retailers willing to take your book. The more places your book is offered, the more people can buy it.
  5. Promotion and Marketing: Discovery is the most difficult part about promoting your own book. Promote your book in as many ways as you can. Once people see it is worth their read, then they can spread the word too. Aim to have steady sales, as well as a big sales push, the first week to hit the bestsellers list.

It’s important to price your book well too. You can price an eBook relatively low to get people to buy it, then price the paperback higher because people will generally pay more for a physical copy.

When self-publishing your book building your brand and promoting your product is essential to marketing your own book. But the benefits of being your own boss and being able to take action on your product far outweigh the work you put into marketing and distribution. You are building a business and your own success.

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Promoting an Indie Book

Wendy Van de Poll is a twelve-time best-selling author on Amazon. She works with authors on all aspects of self-publishing. The genre’s she writes in are pet loss, children’s picture books, human-animal bond, and cozy mysteries. You can reach her to talk about your new project. You can also visit me at Center for Pet Loss Grief