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Discover Your Spirit Team

If you are on a quest for a better life…

Discovering Your Spirit Team will open infinite doors to positive change in your life!

Are you ready to…?

  • Take a dynamic life journey?

  • Discover the best BFF’s you could ever have?

  • Live your life with consistent Spiritual Guidance?

  • Make all kinds of decisions that lead you to a positive life?

  • Give power to your intuition without doubting yourself?

  • Develop and heighten your intuitive ability like never before?

What are Discover Your Spirit Team Sessions?

Wendy’s Discover Your Spirit Team Sessions are designed to help you improve your life, become confident and rely on your own innate wisdom. She teaches you how to manage your intuitive energy by discovering who your Spirit Team is.

Here is what happens in these sessions. You will…

  • Meet your Sprit Team one-by-one
  • Learn how to “talk” to each Team member in detail
  • Learn how to interpret the messages your Spirit Team BFFs have for you
  • How to ask your Team for guidance
  • How to buffer negative energy

Your Spirit Team has your back and will never let you down

Benefits Especially For You!

  • During the program get lots of support from your Spirit Team and me!
  • Experience a mentor that has deep and clear soul level connections with her Spiritual Team and able to teach you to have the same!
  • Great tools and techniques specifically designed and given to YOU by your team to assist you with your goals!
  • Daily connection with your Spirit Team and learning that they are so you are never alone again!
  • Compassionate mentoring that has ingredients of direct honesty, spunk, laughter, hard work and thoroughness!
  • 100% focused attention on what you are working on during your private sessions!
  • Flexibility to modify your program as you move forward!
  • Mentoring and Coaching via phone. International clients-SKYPE.
  • Brief in-between, (5-10 minute/week) personal E-mail contact with me during your Spirit Team Discovery Sessions.

With Discover Your Spirit Team sessions you will feel empowered, positive, and happier. You will finally have the ability to let go and disconnect from past negative experiences, which could be holding you back.

Are you ready to discover your Spiritual BFFs that have your back?

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Discover your Spirit Team and live a
happier, more confident, and content life

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