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Are you looking for a warm, engaging, fun, intelligent and insightful speaker for your next event?

As a pioneering leader in the field of Animal Communication and Intuitive Coaching Wendy provides awesomeness for your next live or online event, teleseminar, webinar and/or radio show!

Her Presentations Inspire, Educate and Change the Lives of Your Listeners!

~ Wendy’s Bio ~

Wendy Van de Poll is a pioneering leader in the field of the human-animal bond, animal communication, and intuitive coaching. She is dedicated to providing an incredible journey for her clients to find virtuosity in their lives through the voice of their animals.

What makes Wendy successful with her clients is that she get’s what animals want to share!  “Over the years I’ve dealt with my own sense of self by listening to the voices of the universe and the animals around me. I have helped many people around the world. It’s what I’ve done since I was just 5 yrs old!”

She is compassionate and supportive to all who know her.

Her passion has led her to devote her life to the mission of increasing the quality of life between animals and people no matter what stage they are in their cycle of life! She has been called the animal whisperer.

She is a Certified Life Coach,  End of Life and Pet Grief Support Coach, Certified Pet Funeral Celebrant, Animal Medium and Communicator. She is the founder of The Center for Pet Loss Grief and an international best-selling and award-winning author and speaker.

She holds a Master’s of Science degree in Wolf Ecology and Behavior and has run with wild wolves in Minnesota, coyotes in Massachusetts and foxes in her backyard. She lives in the woods with her husband, two crazy birds, her rescue dog Addie and all kinds of wildlife.

~ Media and Speaking Topics ~

  • An Invitation to Fearless Living 7-Ways Animals Can Power Up Your Intuition

  •  Unleashing Your Brilliance By Trusting Your Intuition

  •  Who are Your Spiritual BFF’s…Are You Ready to Meet Them?

  •  What Does Your Animal Know About You?

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