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Spirit Paw Press, LLC

A publishing service for authors who want to publish their books

  • Multiple fiction genres
  • Non-fiction – especially pet/animal related books
  • Workbooks
  • Poetry

Our Books

Meet Melanie Snow ~ Paranormal Cozy Mystery

Spellwood Witches Melanie Snow

Melanie Snow ~ Paranormal Cozy Mysteries

Melanie Snow is an author and introverted eclectic witch. She has an insatiable passion for nature, animals, and the exploration into the artes of her ancestors. She deems truth in magic, faeries, talking animals, and spirit guides. Melanie weaves her true life adventures into her stories.

Her series, The Spellwood Witches is available on Amazon…don’t miss this series if you love animal communication, nature, saving the environment and an awesome female protagonist ~ don’t miss this delightful series. Click here to start!

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New Author ~ Laura Hawthorne ~High Fantasy

Laura Hawthorne Author

Laura Hawthorne ~ Fiction Author ~ High Fantasy

Coming Soon…

Laura Hawthorne is an author with a passion for demons, witches, gods and goddesses, and the supernatural. She doesn’t try to explain why things happen—she just believes they do. Along with Laura’s muse she crash lands her imagination to the written page.

Hawthorne’s series, The Shadow Chronicles is to be launched in 2021…don’t miss this series if you love high fantasy with a succubus and demons who will rock your world just as they do theirs.

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