Write Your First Book – Ode to My 8th Grade Teacher

In front of the entire class my 8th teacher exclaimed,

“Students I would like to say that most of you did extremely well with your writing assignment—I am very proud of you! However, there are some that clearly do not know how to write and may as well forget ever making sense of the written word.”

 What happened next?

 The worse thing happened. She proceeded to call my name out loud. Within an instant all eyes where on me. But that didn’t stop this teacher as she continued to bully me and the other three students whose work was also sub-par.

To this day I still remember the eyes of my fellow classmates. There was a mixture of shock, compassion, fear, and yes, mocking. I didn’t know if I should stay put at my desk or run as far away as I could.

What would you do if 22-pairs of eyes pierced through your fragile 8th grade soul? Would you want to write anymore—let alone write your first book?

It was torture as she continued to remind everyone this was not the way to write a story. I was crushed and needless to say completely horrified.

My goal…write your first book

But I am not here to tell you the details of being bullied by my 8th grade English teacher whom at this point I don’t remember her name or care!

Instead my goal is to share with you my path to becoming a 6 time bestselling and award-winning author. I hope my experience will inspire you to write your first book:

Here is what I did…fast forward to college

  1. First Layer

When at Vermont College I had the honor to study under Linda McCarriston, a poet and talented writer. With kindness, compassion, and an impeccable talent for educating she guided me on how to write down my thoughts.

Linda shared a game-changing piece of advice. “Wendy write as if you are teaching someone to tie a shoelace.” Simple advice but extremely useful (remember this as you write your first book.)

  1. Second Layer

 Upon graduating Vermont College I then went to graduate school and I was fortunate to study under Sy Montgomery–who changed my life as a writer. She is a profound, inspiring nature writer who travels the world to write from the soul of animals she lives with. It was Sy who encouraged me by saying—“Wendy you are a  writer, you have a gift to share, and I want to encourage you to write your first book.” 

 WOW! You can probably image my first thought. I said to myself, “Is she serious? How could I possibly write a book? I am so intimated…damn my 8th grade teacher!”

  1. Third Layer

 After graduate school I worked for a local newspaper writing my own weekly nature column. This experience was both critical and crucial for me.

I finally started to get the words of that 8th grade teacher out of my head.

In fact, my internal dialogue to my 8th grade teacher was, “Well now I guess I proved you wrong didn’t I? I am writing my own newspaper column and people are loving it! I am so glad I didn’t totally believe you!”

I enjoy and flourished as a journalist. It was during this time I began to really want to write a book.

  1. Fourth Layer…fast forward

One day as I was writing a blog article for my website where I help people with pet loss grief I was distracted by a Facebook ad.

It was an ad to learn how to write your first book in 3-months. Of course I clicked on that ad because by this time I was ready to accomplish my dream to write my book.

After watching the video I was hooked and immediately started the program at the Self Publishing School

  1. Fifth Layer or the Ode to my 8th Grade Teacher

 I don’t remember your name, but that doesn’t matter. But I would like to thank you for horrifying me that day about how poorly I wrote and how I would never contribute to the world at large. It is because of you I learned how to bust through and not listen to educators that bully. Instead I accomplished my writing dreams and am a 6 time bestselling and award author. I am changing lives and increasing the values of the human-animal bond.

Write Your First Book

 So my friends as you write your first book I encourage you to use the Self Publishing School to get amazing support like I did.

But remember to keep in mind the layers that I peeled through to attain my confidence to attain my dream as an inspiration if you need it.







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  1. Sally Ember, Ed.D. October 26, 2017 at 2:57 pm - Reply

    You’re such a rebel that if she hadn’t dissed you, you would never have had to prove her wrong, and then, where would you be? LOL LOVE YOU!

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