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Are you ready to write your rough draft? Do you have your avatar, mind map, and outline done? Let’s get started with your writing journey!

Maybe writing isn’t fun for you yet, but it is really enjoyable once you get down to it. Whether you are a seasoned writer or a newbie, writing is a mentally complex, enriching, and entertaining experience.

There will be times where you don’t want to write your rough draft:

  • Feel stuck or cannot concentrate
  • Cannot think of the right word and want to hurl your computer across the room
  • Want to be doing something else instead of writing
  • Cannot sleep because the ideas keep running through your head

You will find certain parts of writing you despise and parts you want to ignore. But overall, I hope you will love your writing journey just like I, and many of my clients, do.

If you are like some writers, procrastination is the worst part of writing. However, once you actually sit down to write your rough draft, it can come easily. I have many useful tips in my book Pet Authorpreneur 101: How to Become a Successful Pet Author and Grow Your Business to help you with your writing goals.

When you accomplish your writing goals and write your rough draft, your sense of pride and accomplishment will astound you.  When you overcome procrastination, gain inspiration, work through the hard parts, and get your book ready for editing it is an amazing feeling

Are you ready?

Do not put it off any longer. It is time you get your thoughts out into the world.

  1. Make Time for Writing Every Day – Determine the best time for you to accomplish productive writing. Then set aside time to write each day and stick to it. If you cannot adhere to the time, pick another time for the same day.
  2. Motivation, Inspiration, and Procrastination – Discover your motivation. Why do you want to write your book? Figure out what will block or stall your writing process and determine a solution for each. Focus on those positive solutions. Get inspired when you feel dull. New experiences will help. Do not let procrastination win–ever. Set goals, track progress, and make time for writing in your life
  3. Get your rough draft done – Start writing without editing anything. The purpose of your rough draft is to get your ideas on paper. This is not the copy you send to your editor.
  4. Then clean up your rough draft – Go through your rough draft at least three to five times. Rework sentences, flow (non-fiction), plot (fiction), grammar, organization, etc. Read your manuscript outlaid and make more self-edits.
Pet Authorpreneur 101

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