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Writing Prompts for Gratitude was the focus of my meditative writing today as I can be very hard on myself.

But enough about me. I want to ask you . . .As a writer or a reader

Are you looking for ways to not be so hard on yourself or judgmental?  Are you giving yourself enough courage, kudos, and appreciation for the writing you do?

If So . . . I get it!

We all need to find our Writing with Gratitude places and not drive ourselves to production overload. One thing I have found for myself and have helped others with is that we tend to look on the outside of our skin to find happiness with our writing or well-being.

My goal is to help you go inside your skin . . . dig deep . . . bring words of gratitude for yourself to bring joy and contentment with your writing and the way you approach life.

Let’s start with these writing prompts.

You can use them exactly as I have presented them to you and write your answers down. Or just use these writing prompts for gratitude, as you wish for inspiration. It’s your choice . . . {heart}.

Prompts to Guide Your Writing:

  • How do you feel connected to nature and the people/animals? Is the feeling coming from outside you or within? How can you show your gratitude for these feelings?
  • Are you able to think of a time when you were so filled with gratitude it helped you feel even more connected? Describe that time.
  • Do you think you were taught gratitude as a child? If so, are the feelings the same? How so or how are your feelings different?
  • If not, how did you learn them as an adult?
  • List as many ways as you can that describe your gratitude.
  • Do you explore inward instead of letting outside influences pull you away from your soul?

Writing Prompts for Gratitude

I hope you enjoyed these prompts and you set time aside to allow to feel how wonderful you are. How important your words are for inner healing and peace. Also, check out my article on using your Contributions as Inspiring Writing Prompts.

Please ask yourself . . . How can I give myself gratitude at this moment? Email me back to let me know how you answered this question.

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